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Vodafone Future Truck – future and technology are for everyone

Innovation and future developments – This characterized the event truck of Vodafone Future Truck. The largest telecommunications company in the world has given priority to the Balaton region: it has previously supported the renovation of several local lookout points, and since 2017, lightning-fast 4G+ technology has been available in dozens of towns.

After this, it was obvious where they wanted to promote their latest service. The unlimited experience of the 5th generation mobile network was also presented at the Sailing Festival of Hungarian Settlements, the National Regatta in Siófok.

And that’s where we came into the picture.

What makes an open day organized for a telecom giant successful?

  • Serving the needs of all target groups and not letting the participants get bored for even one minute

Parents and children had a great time: visitors could sit in a real flight simulator, drive a model car through virtual glasses and meet Pepper, the humanoid robot. The purpose and message of this event is clear: future and technology are for everyone.

  • The unusual event venue

The sight of a monumental tow truck is already a great experience. A unique, comfortable and flexible mobile location effectively helps to imprint the brand and convey its message.

  • A team that pays attention to every little detail.

Welcoming interior design and impressive exterior decoration tailored to the company’s image and to the message they want to communicate. Pretty, smiling hostess girls who set the good mood and to whom people can always turn with their questions. A stable technical background that ensures that everything goes smoothly.

These are all important details whose impeccable quality can increase the standards of an event by a great deal. We made all of these happen! We are proud to say that this was a successful branding process!