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Event truck and mobile stage for B2B marketing purposes

Events are of great importance, not only when selling to potential customers or increasing brand loyalty. In the B2B sector, these events have just as high a role to play in developing, nurturing and deepening long-term relations and mutual trust with business partners.

There is no doubt about the importance of B2B event marketing, as decision-makers are often very difficult to reach through popular digital channels.  The focus of Business-to-business marketing is on multi-directional communication, this is where direct feedback becomes possible.

Our event trucks for lease, thanks to their versatility and adaptability, provide effective assistance for your

B2B marketing objectives.


Not only are we providing a mobile location, but the full service

provided by our team of event organizers also offers a complex solution to our clients.


A mobile event truck as the venue for business negotiations and meetings.

If you choose a neutral environment, none of the parties are put at a disadvantage. In the case of a mobile location however, you get a definite head start to make a positive impression on your partner. The atmosphere of the space, the proper facilities and technical equipment can all have an impact on the success of the negotiation. We’ll take care of all of that! Of course, it is also important that the location is easily accessible. With the Truck Roadshow event truck and mobile stage, this also becomes easy!


Venue for company trainings

Here is a great example from one of our partners:

Rigips (Saint-Gobain Ltd. from 1 Jan 2020) – a company selling dry construction products – provides free education for craftsmen by teaching them practices for using their products effectively. The twist is that those who would like to attend the training, don’t have to travel far for it. On the contrary, the venue rolls directly to them.  In addition, the educational environment is completely uniform in all cities, as the design of the interior of the event truck does not change.


Roadshow for B2B partners

A roadshow provides an excellent opportunity to link your company to potential clients who are genuinely interested in what you offer. In the course of such an event, you can visit dozens of locations. Our event truck is a unique, creative and spectacular alternative to reaching your business target audience. Both the interior and exterior design are fully customizable, according to the image and message that your company would like to convey. There is something else to keep in mind: A roadshow is a complex multi-day event where proper planning and execution is the key. Better to leave it to the professionals!


Mobile exhibition and product presentation site

Perhaps one of the most popular B2B marketing tools is your presence at professional exhibitions. Potential customers can personally get in contact with the company and the brand, they can feel closer to the products and the services and they can ask their questions face-to-face. Standing out from all those exhibitors: definitely not an easy task! Positive first impressions are important, so you need a stall that goes beyond standard solutions, that is unique, creative, and attractive. The event truck’s mobile stage allows you to implement extraordinary ideas. With a glass container which can be extended to double the size of the trailer, it can be custom-arranged and varied in a lot of different ways. We are proud that at the 2017 Agricultural Exhibition (OMÉK) the concept that our company dreamed up was rewarded with a public prize. Installation of technologies, graphic design and manufacturing and providing all the equipment. We take care of everything!

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