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Event truck and mobile stage - thousands of possibilities in a single vehicle

Event marketing is an offline communication tool whose primary task is to create a positive, pleasant experience related to the product, company or brand.

Whether it’s for sales or marketing purposes, there is always a better and an even more creative solution! In order to deliver your message and increase brand activity, you need unique, modern and exciting solutions.

Bring your brand to life, create real experience, and make real connections. Experience the exciting possibilities of the custom-modified event truck and mobile stage.

The mobile venue and the technical background of a sport event or a concert.

The 13-metre long slide-out trailer can be turned into an open-air or a covered mobile stage in no time. Not even the weather can interfere with your plans. Besides the trucks, we also provide the required professional sound- and light technology. Thanks to the 14 kW generator, there is no essential need for a power source. In case of an emergency, the equipment ensures that visitors can enjoy the event without interruption. With multi-camera video live show, we can broadcast the event live on popular social media platforms, even from the air, with the use of drones.

Innovative help in recruitment

The aim of employer branding is to acquire (and retain) the best colleagues. However, finding the right workforce is difficult for most companies. The organization of a professional recruitment event can be an effective tool. Instead of boring brochures, prospective employees can explore their future workplace with the help of the virtual glasses provided with the truck rental. The 360-degree, three-dimensional image gives them wide insight into the different work areas and processes.

Implementation of educational events

Increase financial knowledge, raise a health-conscious lifestyle or even encourage charity. Our truck is ready to deploy at any time to support a noble cause! Educating and raising the awareness of the Z – and alpha generation requires modern and complex tools. If you want to achieve real results, it is not enough to have a table, some books or a projector. The event truck features modern digital devices (such as VR, tablet, LCD TV) that contribute to the success and excitement of educational events.

Family day with benefits

The biggest challenge in organizing a family day is perhaps to meet the needs of several age groups. Careful and comprehensive planning is required to ensure the entertainment of both children and adults. In addition to renting a spectacular beak truck, our company takes on the tasks of organizing and conducting such events. We offer complex solutions with exciting games, competitions, concerts, catering and VR experiences for all members of the family.

Promoting the success of a political campaign

Our hostesses collect data on tablets at the event site. The data appears on the partner’s mobile phone and can be evaluated immediately thus the political messages can be made more exact right on the spot. The opinion poll makes it clear how voters feel about a relevant issue. The results obtained can be integrated into future communication strategies, which contributes to the success of the political campaign. On the stage built in front of the event trucks, we create a unique atmosphere with professional background technology, whether it is a led wall, sound or light technology.

Exclusive showroom for fashion events (pop-up store)

We are able to conjure up a real clothing store at the site of your event! The interior of the trailer can be easily converted by means of bulkheads, which makes the vehicle fit to introduce or test your products. It is essentially a pop-up store that can serve direct sales purposes. A very effective marketing tool, for example, for fashion-related events, for exhibiting shoes, clothes and accessories, but can also be used as a showroom for other types of products. It can be a showroom for sporting events, where sporting goods and sportswear can be put out for testing, but it is ideal for any other product sales. We can also take care of the creative design of the site!