Magyar Tejszövetség roadshow rendezvénykamion

Hungarian Dairy Association

Event truck for health-conscious education

75 stations. 50 primary schools. Thousands of students.

This is when our event truck is called to support a noble cause.

The main objective of the milk roadshow, organized by The Milk Product Council, was to promote domestic consumption of milk and milk products.

How could they achieve this with the help of Truck Roadshow’s event truck?

The American Kenworth is a ten-ton monstrosity, which is attractive to many children, and no doubt, they would love to get behind its wheel. However, this 13-metre-long vehicle is much more than a spectacular giant… it is also ideal for nonprofit marketing purposes. The tractive superstructure with ingenious decoration also provided the function of a 40 square meter mobile event site, where quality programs were waiting for the children.

Make the little ones sit in the school and give them a boring lecture on milk…

We needed a more creative solution.

How does milk get from the pastures to our homes? Students could get an answer to this, and many more interesting questions. Each of the five experience stations inside the vehicle was hiding exciting interactive tasks. For the completion of these, children were able to collect milk-stamps that could be exchanged for gifts, not to mention the useful information that they gained while playing. Modern digital devices, such as VR and tablet, were included to meet the needs of the target group, i.e. Generation Z. In addition, our company’s animators made sure that the little ones have a great time.