Thomas Breitling roadshow rendezvénykamion

Thomas Breitling

Thomas Breitling – an impressive event truck and high-quality programs

It is no coincidence that the popular clothing brand chose Hungaroring as the venue for its product promotion event. Thomas Breitling’s target group consist of those 30-50-year-old men who, no matter what they wear, like comfortable clothing and casual elegance.

The European Truck Racing Championship is a truly spectacular event where heavyweight vehicles and their drivers have a battle of skills year after year. This is much more than just a competition: it is a grand and versatile Festival, where the whole family can have a great time. Truck procession, heavenly snacks, amusement park, interactive programs…

However, in the year 2015, one of the biggest hits was the event truck in the Thomas Breitling paddock, which was literally stormed by visitors. Well, not just because it was a very imposing American car, in a beautiful, chrome-black color. Neither was the visit of the brand’s face, Attila Árpa, the primary reason.

Our event-planning colleagues have done their best again: super-nice hostess girls, hilarious concerts and exciting sports car competition provided an unforgettable atmosphere. During the course of a dress rehearsal, visitors could learn about the brand collections, which were probably never forgettable memories for life.