Hyundai roadshow rendezvénykamion


Hyundai Roadshow 2010 – i30’s successful debut

The second-generation vehicle, introduced in 2010, was born in the spirit of timeless design and classic elegance. Hyundai i30 has become prettier than its former younger sister… a fact that the whole of Europe had to be aware of, including of course Hungary. The South Korean company’s lower-middle-class car was primarily intended to target families, but the new model also offered a great alternative to those who wanted to upgrade their company fleet.

In Hungary, the enhanced i30 was promoted within the framework of a high-quality roadshow. The mobile location of the roadshow was provided by our company’s event truck equipped with eye-catching design – both inside and outside.

The mobile location has made it possible for all major dealers in the country to get to know the new model. The promotional event was therefore held where the target group was easily accessible.

People could learn all about the i30 that had undergone a facelift, and during a pre-registered test-drive, they could test what the practical Hyundai model can do. This was a great opportunity for those who were thinking about buying a car, but had yet to make the final decision.