Opel roadshow rendezvénykamion


Opel (Vauxhall) Roadshow 2016 – when the brand message successfully reached everyone

After promoting their commercial vehicles in 2013, Opel focused on the promotion of their personal cars. The main objective of the roadshow in 2016 was to present the new Astra and Insignia models, for which purpose they took advantage of the full-service leasing of our event truck. From the deployment and installation to equipment handling, we took care of all the seemingly small but nevertheless important details.

The mobile promotional event visited more than 12 major cities in the country. People could sit in the vehicles they liked, and even test how comfortable and reliable the chosen model was. Those who have already owned an Opel vehicle could get to know the great benefits of the new service packs.

The 2016 Opel RoadShow, in cooperation with Fingerprint Ltd., made it possible for a great number of people to get a taste of the famous Opel spirit…the success of which clearly reflected in the number of signed contracts.